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May 16th in Ann Arbor, MI. See below for more details!

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Doing Jewish: A Story From Ghana is now available to universities, community
centres, religious institutions and non-profit groups all across Canada! If your organization is looking to spark a conversation about Judaism, diversity, identity and belonging, Doing Jewish uses a modern critical lens to re-examine the age old question of what makes someone Jewish?

Screening Fee: $250


  • License for one public screening
  • HD Download or DVD copy of the film in feature length (85mins) or broadcast length (45mins) depending on your preference.
  • Posters and marketing materials to help promote your screening
  • Guidelines for hosting a successful screening
  • Promotion through our Doing Jewish social media channels and networks.

Invite the Director!
Invite director Gabrielle Zilkha to introduce the film and engage in a Q & A discussion.
Personal appearance fee: $150 + travel (from Toronto) and accommodation.

To book a screening, email with details about your screening or event!

Public Libraries / Universities & Colleges:
Please visit to purchase an educational DVD.
For further questions regarding educational licensing please contact: or call (732)-321-0711 ext.120

Upcoming Screenings

Past Screenings

  • Ann Arbour Jewish Film Festival, May 2018
  • Lenore Marwill Detroit Jewish Film Festival, February 2018
  • Honolulu Jewish Film Festival, February 2018
  • Hartford Jewish Film Festival, January 2018
  • SW Michigan Jewish Film Festival, September 2017
  • Norwegian Film Festival, August 2017
  • Mexico City, August 2017
  • Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival, April 2017
  • Maine Jewish Film Festival, March 2017
  • West African Film Festival, February 2017
  • The Covent Foundation, February 2017
  • Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, February 2017
  • New York Jewish Film Festival, January 2017
  • Holy Blossom Temple, December 2016
  • Flin Flon Arts Council, November 2016
  • Blackstar International Film Festival, August 2016
  • Vision TV, Canada (national broadcast), May 2016
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2016

When will the film be available online or DVD?

Right now, the 45-mins version of Doing Jewish: A Story From Ghana is available for streaming in Canada at

Doing Jewish: A Story From Ghana is still doing its festival and community screenings run. We will update this page when the film is available for streaming or for purchase on DVD.

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