Scott Adams

Director of Photography

Scott Adams is a skilled Director of Photography who specializes in adventure travel, a subject he has been marketing, documenting and experiencing (professionally) for over twelve years. His passion for travel experiences and entrepreneurial determination have allowed him to excel in the field of digital marketing and video production. With documentary credits including The Quest for Wilderness - a documentary paddling journey in search of wilderness and a definition of its value and The Happy Camper - an ongoing ‘how-to’ web series and a three part web series exploring Terra Nova National Park, Scott’s projects have been diverse and global. He has produced travel videos for businesses and government organizations in 8 different countries, written for multiple magazines and online publications, managed social media marketing campaigns, taught college level marketing courses and presented at conferences around the world.

As founder and president of Birchbark Media, Scott has developed his business to focus on providing the travel industry with the right content – web copy, videos, and social media content – to capture the interest of consumers. He has also focused much of his energy on providing the tourism industry with the skills and knowledge needed to create their own content. Scott often presents at conferences, meetings, universities as well as facilitating training workshops for business owners and marketers.