Associate Producer

The Toronto-based entertainment lawyer-producer-festival director is one of the Canadian film industry’s brightest young professionals, successfully blending together a career in law with a love of film and music. By day, Nahmias runs a law practice in Toronto specializing in media, intellectual property and corporate
law. Of late, he’s been focusing on helping his clients navigate the byzantine world of rights management and cross-platform distribution, which has grown increasingly complex as audiences have fragmented across new mediums.

But by night, Nahmias has made himself a name as co-founder of Open Roof Films Entertainment and the Open Roof Festival, a summer event series featuring food, film and live music. The Open Roof business, which is non-profit, has helped him create a niche in the Canadian entertainment scene, with one side of his business informing and helping to develop the other. The Open Roof Festival events, which he co-founded and co-directs with Canadian TV mogul Michael MacMillan, offer film screenings, beer tasting and food under the stars on the Toronto waterfront. While films screened aren’t always Canadian – most are festival picks curated by eOne execs and Open Roof programmers Charlotte Mickie and Christina Kubacki – profits earned from the event go to supporting Canadian independent film and music.