Jeannette Loakman

Executive Producer

Jeannette Loakman is an award-winning producer with over
12 years of experience in the television industry. Her last
film Chubby Chaser premiered on TV Ontario and Canal D.
Her previous film Peep Culture garnered a Gemini for best
picture editing and premiered on CBC News Network and
Canal D.

Jeannette’s previous films include the award-winning film Cat
Ladies, which premiered at Hot Docs 2009, screening also
at Silverdocs and San Francisco Doc Festival. Jeannette was
also nominated for a Gemini for Spam: The Documentary, a
critical and ratings hit, Spam is the story of one man’s
comical search for the origins of bulk unsolicited email.

Jeannette produced Annie Ong: Lost and Found, Hot Shots,
The Last Seven Days of Annie Ong as well as directed
Slippery Blisses: What’s in a Kiss? with the NFB.